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 Nutrition Education Activities


 Teachers are encouraged to use the fruit or vegetable snack for the day as an opportunity to make connections to daily curriculum: 

  • Writing
    • Creative writing; descriptive sentences, poetry, short stories
    • Instructional writing: recipes, directions
    • Informational text:  gathering information to make an opinion
  • Mathematics
    • Use fruits and vegetables as examples in fractions, sharing problems and building wholes from fractions
    • Use counting, sorting and classifying of fruits and vegetables to collect, organize and represent data
    • Use fruits and vegetables to explore volume, weighing and measuring
    • Use fruits and vegetables as examples of geometric shapes
  • Geography/Social Studies
    • Show on a map the parts of the world where the fruit or vegetable is grown
    • Discuss how the fruit or vegetable has been used in different cultures throughout history
    • Discuss if the fruit or vegetable has a special place in cultural celebrations
  • Science
    • Discuss how a fruit or vegetable grows ( ex: on a tree or on a plant, above ground or below ground)
    • Study plant development and life cycle
    • Demonstrate seed germination
    • Explore form and function of plant parts
    • Classify fruits and vegetables based on their properties
    • Encourage students to use their five senses to observe and describe different fruits and vegetables
    • Plant an “edible” garden

 Links to curriculum websites: 


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