Miami Dade County Public School’s Department of Food and Nutrition has started a program to allow parents/guardians the convenience to pay on-line via the internet or by telephone for their child’s/children meals with a credit or debit card. The parent/guardians will create a lunch account on-line for the child and will be able to access the following:

a. View the account balance
b. Schedule automatic payments.
c. Receive low-balance e-mail reminders
d. View a report of daily spending and cafeteria purchases.
News Flash!
Effective Wednesday, January 24, 2007 all schools in Region 5 and Wednesday January 31, 2007 all schools in Region 3 and 4 will be able to participate in the PAMS program.
 Parents must register and create an account at

Start up dates by Region

Pilot Schools Region I Region II Region III Region IV Region V Region VI
08/22/06 01/10/07 11/14/06 01/31/2007
01/24/2007 12/04/06